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Section A: Security

VitalOne is cloud based, and hosted on IMDA MTCS certified Amazon Web Services. We take security seriously and practice strict policies, in accordance to industry best practices. All data are transmitted using secure HTTPs (which prevents unauthorised parties from eavesdropping) and all changes are constantly tracked.

Yes, you own your own data. Data is stored on servers maintained by us. Your records are confidential and only you can access it. In the event you need help from us, only you can grant us access to your data. We are not able to get in otherwise.

VitalOne adheres to MOH’s guidelines on medical records. Your data is backed up and all amendments are constantly tracked.

Section B: Choosing VitalOne

It depends on the size of your business, experience, and what type of support you are looking for. There’s a great article on Business News Daily on what to keep in mind when you search. We have a standard, all-in-one suite for stable and comprehensive usage. We can also customise your dream software for unbeatable efficiency and productivity.

We are happy to walk you through our standard, all-in-one suite. We believe our product speaks for itself; there is no hard-selling. As for customisations, you can see case studies of previous custom software we have created here.

Only as long as it takes for your staff to be trained to use it. Our professional consultant will guide you through the setup process. If you want to make tailor-made adjustments for your workflow, your unique system can be perfected within six months.

Research says the average clinic takes four hours to master a new clinic management software. Realistically, it takes a couple of hours to learn use VitalOne and additional time spent asking questions when you actually implement the system. A coach will be assigned to you to train you and support you. We also provide a help manual that you can always refer to.

We have a professional consultant that will advise you on how to migrate data.

Your data is yours. We believe you should work with us because you want to, not because you are forced to. Our data is stored in well known databases and can be available in excel format if you wish. You can choose to upload this onto any other clinic management software or system.

Section C: Technical

VitalOne is web-based, meaning you only need a computer with internet connection and you are good to go. VitalOne works fine on any computer you own.

VitalOne works on all browsers and is optimised for Google Chrome.

You can access our software on both mobile devices and tablets if you wish to do so. VitalOne works on mobile web browsers so you can access it on the go.

We recommend for you to use tethering or have a backup 3G dongle on standby that you can activate. That will help your business go on while waiting for your service provider to resolve the outage.

Section D: Using VitalOne

Allow your team to use VitalOne by setting up different user accounts. Different roles include Doctors, Clinic managers, Clinic assistants, and Accountants. Each role can only access information they need, with doctors acting as administrators with full access and control. As a doctor, you can create new users and manage roles easily.

We have a feature that allows doctor to sketch, take notes, and even photograph on their tablets.

We use Amazon cloud storage which provides expansion opportunities at affordable prices.

Yes, we have. We definitely know what’s needed. And we are also compliant with MOH guidelines.

Section E: Customisation

We start with understanding your needs and requirements. Then, we come up with wireframes you can review and adjust before development commences. Upon confirmation, we begin development and keep you updated along the way. Lastly, you get to test the software yourself.