OB-GYN Checklist: 4 Things You Need in Your EMR

OB-GYNs deal with both urgent and long-term treatments for women’s health. Thus, the success of an OB-GYN practice relies on thorough documentation, good case notes and storing meaningful patient records.

A powerful EMR platform should support the OB/GYN’s workflow so doctors spend more time treating patients instead of working on notes. It should also empower you to handle patient care, finances and logistics in a meaningful way to redefine your practice.

However, most EMRs do not cater to the unique needs of the practice. OB/GYNs require easy tracking of a unique set of data and specialised image displays compared to other medical practices.

If you’re an OB-GYN, these are the 4 things you should look out for if you’re shopping for an EMR system today.

1. Smart Consultations

A good consultation system will mirror your real-life templates and forms. For example, notes on antenatal care should be displayed in one place so you can browse through them, rather than being saved in individual files.

Better yet, pick a system that allows you to create custom forms and templates.


As an ob-gyn, you will have several standard forms to share with patients for common procedures, such as antepartum forms or postpartum forms. Digitise these forms so you can easily share them with your patient and have them signed and stored in your system. Online time stamps and audit trails will ensure you have covered all bases.

Consult Notes

Are you still using paper forms or microsoft word to format your documentation to the style you like? With VitalOne, your templates can be put online in your system. We also have pre-built templates for PPR, OBS or GYN cases. Doctors can easily record salient data, and the information stays visible if you need them.

For example, you can easily capture key data such as

  • OB/GYN history such as past medical, social, and family history
  • Prenatal details such as fetal heart rate, weight gain, gestational age
  • Patient data such as blood pressure and urine sugar

Thus, there is no limit to the number of templates you can digitise, such as:

  • Initial Obstetric Exam
  • OB/GYN follow up visits
  • Pregnancy tests
  • Infertility
  • Antepartum records
  • More!

Your nurses will also be important users of your system. See if they can also create templates to key in readings, observations, or create forms.

Ideally, your system should be able to accommodate all the forms you need, and allow you the freedom to customise and change.  


Ensure your notes are stored in a format that suits ob-gyns. For example, reports should not be saved as individual files that you can’t easily browse through. Past pregnancy records should always be readily available when you are handling an obstetrics consultation. You should also be able to easily pull up patient files to view past consult notes, prescriptions, and readings.


Frequently used reports, such as scan reports, can also be digitised so that you can document your findings quickly.


Lastly, annotations are important for ob-gyns. Many EMRs nowadays allow doctors to take photos or upload images or lab reports, which can be annotated on. But you should ensure that the system will not compromise on image quality, which brings us to our next point:

2. Solid Video and Image Processing

Videos and images are especially important for ob-gyn practices. Many gynaecological diagnostic procedures, such as hysteroscopies, require video imaging.

You may also need to attach:

  • Paper charts
  • Ultrasound images
  • Photographs
  • X-rays
  • Medical Drawings

So, make sure that the system can store hundreds of images and videos, and that the ultrasounds and videos do not become compressed and blurry. It’s important to test this yourself to ensure the quality meets your standards.

The ability to store these images any way you like is a bonus. With VitalOne, you can categorise these images under your custom file tabs. We also pull out the patient’s images and videos during consultations, so you can do a quick review if you need without searching for them.

3. Clever Automations

While this not a must, getting an EMR with ob-gyn tools is very handy. The true time-savings is in the details.

VitalOne’s OBGYN module contains unique tools for doctors, including:

  • An OBS calculator to calculate EDD and more
  • Synced with labs in Singapore for auto-pushing of lab reports
  • Easy memos and MCs, such as Air Travel forms
  • Prescription bundles such as postpartum care packages
  • Tracks package utilisation

When you’re reviewing software, make a list of the features you like. Then, compare the lists and decide which features will save the most time.

4. Patient Portal

Patient relationships can be improved with a good EMR platform. In specific, an effective patient portal can offer educational materials like treatment information and tips, and allow patients to access consultation notes, doctor’s advice, or lab results that you wish to share with them.

Having a good patient portal empowers you to communicate better with your patient. They can ask questions, or receive reminders about follow-up care. They can also schedule appointments on the app, saving your nurses time.

Not only that, it empowers your patient to have better self-care. They can conveniently review your advice and focus on their personal health areas that require more attention. This allows them to connect with you and maintain a relationship outside of the clinic.

VitalOne does this with a mobile app, built to act as an easily-accessible patient portal. It can even push messages onto the patient’s mobile phone, so that important information gets to patients when they need it most.


Having a good EMR can redefine your OBGYN practice. You can significantly cut down on documentation time, store images and videos effortlessly, and utilise tools that make sense for your specialty. And importantly, you can build and maintain strong patient relations using less time than ever before. The key is choosing a software vendor that recognises your unique needs and understands how to tackle them.

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