Custom Software vs. Off-The-Shelf

If you’re looking to increase your clinic’s bottom line, your off-the-shelf solution could be limiting your growth. A thriving medical practice needs a sharp, efficient medical software. Sources that drain productivity include manual errors, complicated software for simple tasks, confusing interfaces, and ill-fitting workflow processes. If you’re struggling to increase productivity and reduce staff turnover, here are 10 reasons why customised software is the ideal solution.

1. Cost-effective

Contrary to what most doctors think, custom software can be cheaper than off-the-shelf solutions. The one-time cost involved in developing your dream system may seem steep, but when divided over 3 – 4 years, its total cost might be lower than subscribing to a monthly subscription plan. This is especially true once your practice has two or more doctors or branches.

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2. Competitive Advantage

No one knows your practice better than you do. Your patients choose to visit you and your clinic because of your unique methods and customer service. A custom software can speed up your patient’s journey, create more loyal customers with customised customer relations, or make your data more secure. And speaking of security, let’s look at the next point.

3. Secure

Popular, off-the-shelf software are more likely to get hacked than a custom developed system that is only used by you and your staff. That’s because hackers are aware of the vulnerabilities of popular software, and know where its security is compromised. Moreover, our custom software is single-tenant, which means only your data lives in the server. In contrast, most off-the-shelf software would store your data together with other clinics’ data (multi-tenant), which is makes your data more vulnerable.

4. Flexible

Want to change a feature or tweak a process? With custom software, it is possible to edit or change your system if you require in the future. Your business needs will change as technology changes and customer expectations evolve.

  1. Do you think video consults are the future of your practice?
  2. How about letting patients own their own electronic patient cards, or pushing lab reports straight into their mobile phones?  
  3. Can your system track rooms and assign clinic assistants, or therapists, to selected patients?
5. Integration

Do you use any other software, such as Quickbooks? Or do you need reports from machinery or from other labs? It is possible to integrate with most third-party applications of vendors with custom software.

6. Scalable

Make your clinic future-proof with a properly designed system. What that means is that if you choose to open new clinics, hire more doctors, or need new reports or video storage, your custom-designed system can accommodate and grow with you. Not only that, if you have a workflow that is great for you and your staff, you can fully implement it on a large scale to achieve greater-than-ever time savings.

7. Personalised

All these benefits are possible because the software is tailor-made to your specific needs. This is an undisputed advantage of custom software, but one that many doctors may not realise could be critical to their continued success. Custom software lets you take full control of your practice so you can make decisions that make sense for your business. It also lowers staff turnover rate, reduces frustrations in your daily processes, and results in happier patients.

8. All-in-one

Truly speed up your work by combining multiple processes with one custom software. Even turning a two-page registration process into one easy page makes a difference. You can do more in less time, literally, with the right design.

9. Smarter

The advantage of personalised software is that you will only get functions that you need. You won’t get a messy menu or tons of fields you will never use. Your staff will make less errors and your data is more accurate and complete.

10. Support

Support will be dedicated and knowledgeable. We take pride in the work we create, and in making the user’s life simpler. Your technical support team also developed your application, so your problems will also be resolved efficiently and reliably.

In summary, you will get a system that does exactly what you want to do. That allows you to achieve reduced operational costs, increased ROI and a better customer experience while keeping you and your clinic staff happy. Don’t just take our word for it; read some doctor’s testimonials or see a free demo today.